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From payment accounts to card payment instruments, we offer everything clients need to take charge of their digital transactions.

Payment Accounts

The hub for all of your digital transaction needs, the payment accounts offered by ProCont are always secured with leading SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and so much more. Enabling you to hold your funds in a variety of different global currencies, our accounts are ideal for conducting international or domestic transactions with the benefit of low-cost, fixed rates.

Ideal for both debits and credits in all of your traded currencies, our accounts are the perfect option for businesses looking to simplify their digital transactions through an all-in-one solution that never compromises on efficiency.

Payment Transfers

Looking for a simple, intuitive way to transfer funds between accounts? Look no further!

At ProCont, we offer payment transfer services that enable you to quickly send funds from one bank account to another, bypassing the need for the establishment of traditional payment accounts. Whether you need to send it to a domestic or foreign account of a payee, a loved one, or even yourself, our payment transfer services are a simple solution when you need to urgently send funds.

Payment Orders

From a one-time payment to a recurring debit that needs to be made at regular intervals, ProCont’s payment order processing services are ideal for simplifying your global transactions.

Once we’ve received the payee instructions for sending money to your target beneficiaries, we can quickly execute payments from the funds held in your account, ensuring smooth, simple, and efficient payment processes. Mediating between parties, ProCont is the ideal choice for clients looking to unify payment processes into a single source.

Leave Your Payments To Us And Transact In Confidence!

Stop worrying about missing payment cut-off times, incurring lofty fees, suffering through excessive processing and hold times or any other payment concern. At ProCont, we give you everything you need to transact all over the world!

Prioritising your evolving needs at every turn, we strive to keep up with payment trends and technologies, and evolve our service slate accordingly to always remain on the cutting edge of the industry.

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