About ProCont:

From the very inception of our business, we’ve aspired to transform the way that businesses and individuals alike think about payments. We strive to accomplish this by surpassing expectations when it comes to the simplicity, expediency, and efficiency of payment processes, ensuring that all of our clients can send their funds precisely where they need to go without excessive holds or delays.

About Procont

Our story:

ProCont began with a first-hand look at the difficulty and complexity of digital payment processes and service providers. We’ve seen the options on the market, and were determined to surpass them with a client-centric ethos and approach.

With this in mind, we slowly began expanding our service slate, refining our processes, and enriching our awareness of our diverse clients to offer exceptional service and support. We keep these humble roots at heart to ensure that, as much as we expand, develop, and change, we never lose sight of our original goals and objectives.


Our values:

At ProCont, it’s our values that define us. From top to bottom, every member of the ProCont family embodies them.


We want you to know everything that’s going on behind the scenes so that you’re always crystal clear about how your funds and payments are handled and processed.


From our account security to our technological platform, we apply the latest trends and developments in the payment space to offer state-of-the-art services.


Have a question, concern or simply want some additional information about our rates? Our teams are always happy to hear from you and assist.

You’re Our Top Priority!

It’s understandable to be wary when you trust your funds to a third party. That’s why we strive to be completely transparent and accountable from start to finish.

When you work with us, we want you to leave your worries at the door by knowing that your payments are in good hands. Whether you need to leverage our services for a one-time payment, recurring debit, or as a core component of your business infrastructure, we can’t wait to give you a hand.

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