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We’re a technologically-driven, efficiency-focused payment services provider that’s dedicated to making digital payments as simple and streamlined as can be!
We accomplish this by offering a slate of services backed by leading technologies to ensure the utmost in security, expediency, and simplicity when it comes to digital transactions.


We make payments
a concern of the past.


We ensure your payments are swift, simple, and quickly processed to ensure the timely delivery of funds to the target recipient’s accounts.


We make it easy to set up and initiate transactions. Whether it’s a one-time or recurring payment, you can trust ProCont to handle it.


At ProCont, we’ve built our service slate to offer everything our diverse clients need when it comes to their online payments.

See what we bring to the table.

Payment Accounts

Set up flexible, secure, multi-currency accounts that you can use anytime you need to send an online payment, anywhere!

Payment Transfers

We enable you to quickly and easily transfer funds between any bank accounts, be they domestic or international.

Payment Orders

Need to send a payment to a vendor, supplier or a different party altogether? ProCont can help execute payments with minimal fuss!

At ProCont, Efficiency Is Our Principal Value.

We want to make it easier than ever before to conduct digital transactions all across the globe.

That’s why we’ve geared our service slate to enable all of our clients to leverage forward-thinking, simple, and low-cost payment services that help give them what they need to minimise payment concerns and difficulties.

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